The King of Wraiths Has Arrived!

As of about an hour ago, Wraith King now has the highest winrate for 6.80 in pubs. Previously, this was held by Abaddon, who was top for 6.79c, and previously in 6.80. While it is still somewhat early to call, I feel enough time has passed to make an initial assessment on 6.80 winrate changes. Especially since Wraith has been rising in winrate over the last week.


The King Is Here

Wraith King has been rising in Pub winrate over the last few patches. He’s received a bunch of buffs such as increased intelligence, aura working on ranged heroes, and modifications to his ultimate’s slow. In 6.79c, Wraith King’s winrate was 55.74%, placing him 5th overall. He rose by 1.08 raw percentage points, with some minor changes:

Slow increased from 50% to 75%
Slow duration increased from 4 seconds to 5

While there were other changes to things that effect Wraith, I feel these two are the biggest. Humorously enough, in 6.79 the slow was increased from 30% to 50%. And for those who don’t know, as of 6.78, it also slows attack speed, and procs as soon as he dies, rather than as soon as he is reincarnated. The slow is actually quite a big part of the spell now, being longer and almost double the slow than Shiva’s Arctic Blast, as well as almost double Freezing Aura (but just for 5 seconds).

To The Pros and Why?

Wraith was only picked up twice in professional Dota last month, while he’s been grossly unpopular for the entirety of Dota 2. While heroes have eventually gotten their time to shine, such as recently with Bristleback, Wraith (formally Skeleton) King still has not picked up. I personally have found Wraith to be a somewhat crappy Carry, but a very good Semi-Carry. I personally like to play him a tad unconventionally and pick up something like Urn, and play him as a secondary carry much like Night Stalker or Spirit Breaker. He can’t gank as well as those two, but still has a very low 8 second cooldown on his stun (2 second stun, 2 second slow), and much more mana now than a few patches ago. As the game progresses, he becomes a rather tanky annoying hero, who also gives your primary carry an impressive 30% lifesteal. He’d probably be even better here if the Mortal Strike active was still in the game.

As for why he has such a great pub win-rate. I humorously suggested to a friend that it’s because 30% lifesteal aura is really good when everyone’s a carry. Jokes aside, I think there are more carries in pub games than your standard pro game, and this could actually be a factor in his winrate. Even a completed satanic only gives you 25% passive lifesteal, and a HotD 15%. Which sidenote, is something people don’t seem to realise, Satanic actually improves the passive lifesteal too (at the cost of some things). I think another factor in his winrate is the poor communication between players as to when his ult is/isn’t on cooldown. If you pop an enemy Wraith ult in the early game for example, it’s a good idea to tell your team so they can use this knowledge to their advantage, which is something that people don’t seem to do.

A Stampede of Strength!

You can also see that Centaur has now snuck into the top 5 list. Which is what I predicted here, making 3 strength in the top 5. He crept up 1.27 raw % from 6.79c, where he had 12th highest winrate, an impressive amount.

Stampede cooldown reduced from 120/90/60 to 90/75/60
Removed mana-cost from Blink Dagger

In that linked post, I predicted improved + very high winrate for 6 strength heroes; Abaddon, Wraith and Centaur are top 5, while my other 3 predicts have done fairly well. Omniknight went up 2 places, to 11th highest winrate, while Lycan went up 1 spot to 8th. Slardar sadly, currently has the exact same winrate as 6.79c. Which was something I was not expecting. I personally have found Slardar to be getting better and better, and still feel he should have moved up.

DAE Stranth?

Speaking of ‘High Performing Strength Heroes’, there’s only 2 strength heroes in the bottom 25 heroes (by winrates), which is an interesting statistic. Sadly, these 2 heroes are last and second last, with Earth Spirit and Io. I still think that is rather interesting though, and hooray for Wraith King.


For newer people to this site, I recommend you take a look at my work-in-progress Hero and Role Classification System called ZTC, which is explained here. It’s my eager attempt at creating a solid way to communicate and classify how a hero will be played in any given game, including communicating to team-mates your current plans on how you will be building/playing a hero.


The Pub-Stompers for 6.80

Pubs and Pro games are hugely different, and the heroes with high winrates in pubs, have a big tendency not to be tier 1 picks in pro dota. This post is specifically looking into how the top heroes changed in the patch, and then my predictions for the 6.80 top heroes.

These are the highest win-rate of picks for the last month, aka, the heroes that are “Pub Stomping” over the last month.

As far as changes fo for these heroes:
– Abaddon and Lich, the top two heroes for the last month, were not touched.
– Overall 8/15 heroes were directly buffed: Wraith, Necro, Zeus, Warlock, Lycan, Omni, Centaur and Venge were buffed.
– Overall 4/15 heroes were not touched: Abaddon, Lich, Luna, Ursa
– Overall 3/15 were nerfed: Venomancer, Death Prophet and Crystal Maiden.

If you add item/gameplay changes, it still looks fairly similar. Ursa and Centaur get buffs with Blink, while Ursa probably gets nerfed with Rosh. That would be the major changes there.

Death Prophets changes were more of a re-balancing than a nerf. Although to be fair, some buffs in 6.80 were fairly minor.

Rise! Rise! Rise!

So you can start to see that the top Pub heroes in 6.80 will be fairly similar. However I think some heroes are going to go up a fair bit. Centaur, Omniknight and Slardar are three prime examples of heroes that are suddenly going to shoot up, probably to top 10. I’m calling it now. Centaur and Slardar got major buffs in this patch, and are set to be the in-your-face pub stompers of 6.80.

My Predictions

I’m going to go a step further, and predict the top 6 heroes for 6.80 for pubs. I believe that they are going to be Abaddon, Centaur Warrunner, Slardar, Omniknight, Lycan and Wraith King.
I did top 6 because I think these heroes are going to be the stand-outs for 6.80 pubs. The interesting thing is that they are all strength heroes, and their playstyle/roles are different too.

I’m also going to say a more general idea that most strength heroes will go up a fair bit, primarily due to the blink change. I also am (fingers crossed) hoping that AM will go up in winrate from 40% (second lowest) to maybe 43% or more.

6.80 Changelog Analysis

Instead of doing every single thing, I’m only going to be doing big things. For example Crystal Maiden lost 3 intelligence, but because this is so simple to understand the effects of, there’s no reason explaining her change, because you should already be able to work out 100% of that. There were a lot of good changes, but some of them just simply don’t need to be talked about because they are too simple to understand. The only funny thing about CM is that her base damage is even worse now.

Gameplay is first, then Hero Changes, Then Items.

You now lose one gold per second if you haven’t picked a hero after the selection timer runs out in All Pick

The AP changes were long over-due, and this was the best way to do it. The worst way would be to random picks, this just fucks up team compositions and lanes. Gold penalty makes it disadvantageous to wait, but not to the point where your team is screwed over. It’s the fairest way for all to do it.

Roshan no longer stops upgrading his hp/damage/armor at 45 minutes
Roshan upgrade rate increased by 20%
Roshan bounty rescaled from 105-600 to 150-400

You should be able to tell why this occurred. The important thing is that is now upgrades every 4 minutes, so your key rosh timings are before 8/12/16 minutes. This primarily matters to heroes who solo rosh. Such as Ursa, or those much rarer Engima/Invoker/etc ways. I think teams will always be able to bring rosh down, it will just take longer.

Alch, AM, AA, Axe and Batrider are very straight forward. Alch should stun himself more now too.


Call of the Wild Hawk duration reduced from 60/70/80/80 to 60

Call of the Wild Boar duration reduced from 70/80/90 to 60

Call of the Wild no longer destroys previous summons on cast

Beasts have a 40 second cool-down at all levels. This allows beastmaster to always have vision over something. For example, he could have a hawk over Rosh, and every 50 seconds he summons a new hawk, and sends it there.Also, this would make rune controlling against a good Beastmaster an even bigger pain.

He can also have 20 seconds where he has two bores, which asks the question: “Do Bore Slows Stack?“. As the update hasn’t been deployed yet, only announced, I can’t test. But it’s a question that never really mattered before, but now 2 bores alive can be common place. I feel that it shouldn’t stack, but it’s possible that its the first oversight of the version.

Brew, Bristle, Brood and Bloodseeker are very straight forward. Brood is less annoying, and Brew is much more viable now.

Centaur Warrunner

Stampede cooldown reduced from 120/90/60 to 90/75/60

The problem here is that CW has a 54% winrate in 6.79 pubs, but is rarely picked in pros. And the cooldown reduction is an huge buff to his early game. I feel like the buff is needed, but perhaps he should have been re-balanced by also nerfing the damage on Hoof Stomp.

Clockwerk, CM, DS, Dazzle, DP and DK are very straight forward. DP’s winrate should drop, While Dazzles quite High Pub WR should continue to rise.

Drow Ranger

Reworked Silence to a Knockback Waving Silence, scaling by distance.

First off, this doesn’t interrupt, so TPs won’t be canceled, but this is a nice change. I imagine that the intended usage, is to simply silence people who are attempting to turn off your ultimate by being near you. They get too close > you knock them away. 350 units at close range, going for a much smaller knockback further away. For reference, Force Staff is 600 units.

The intended usage is an example of something that people tend to overlook when reading change logs. Also Kudos for making a rather boring skill not only better, but making it synergise with the hero’s kit more.

Earth Spirit is a major change, but it is so well deserved I’m just going to relax and be happy. The important thing to note is that the Silence and the Stun has been swapped. AKA if you pull a rock through an enemy, they are now silenced, not stunned. He was basically just rebalanced and nerfed in so many ways.

Earthshaker, Enigma and Enchantres are straight forward. Shaker is starting to become a very very good support.

Faceless Void

Chronosphere cooldown reduced from 120/110/100 to 120/100/80

You now have 1000 movement speed and phase while you are in Chronosphere

Timewalk manacost reduced from 120 to 90

The Classic Case of buff their strengths, ignore their weaknesses. The phase part should only go through units, not through terrain, but I could be wrong. The mana cost reduction should result in him farming slightly faster – so long as he has mana. Faceless Void really needs to kill at least 1 person in a Chronosphere, and this should allow him to do that with a higher frequency.

Huskar is straight forward, while Invokers is the best thing I’ve ever read. Forged spirits are heavily nerfed (thank fuck), but it’s now MUCH easier to combo EMP with another skill. If you euls someone, and then cast EMP, it will explode about .2 seconds after the tornado ends.

Jakiro Breath was re-balanced, but very similar over-all. Jugg, Kotl, LC are all to the point

Leshrac Lightning was re-balanced, he’s a much better counter-pusher now. Lina and LDruid are simple.


Aghanim’s Scepter now causes Finger of Death to hit units within a 200 AoE of the primary target

We all know that this is going to be hilarious on the rare occasions that it does occur (5 man RP into a finger). And is the sort of change that people go nuts over, ignoring some of the more valid but less humorous/interesting changes.


Wolves Fade Time decreased from 3 to 1.7
Level 3 Lycan Wolves now have Invisibility
Level 4 Lycan Wolves now have a passive ability that gives them 15 HP regen

Lycan and his amazing 54.5% 6.79 pub winrate is going to go up even more. I hate this change too. A good lycan just but-rapes supports with his wolves. It’s just often too much damage for a support to deal with early on, especially with their 80% magic resistance. I’m really not lycan this change.

Magnus and Medusa are straight forward.


Divided We Stand level requirement reduced from 4/11/18 to 3/10/17
Divided We Stand now passively reduces your revive timer by 10%/20%/30%

You could probably solo offlane a Meepo in a pub. Do a nice block, quickly sap 3 levels out before they can do much, and then you have a clone that you can work with and make everything so much easier. That might be unlikely, but it’s the way all Meepo players should be thinking, rather than doing the same-old, they should be exploiting the level 3 clone the best they can.

For example, a Level 3 clone could be well used sapping XP from a jungling LC, hide him at the back, run him around being a pest. You could also scout rune with clone for your mid. These are more team-oriented plays though, some players might just want to focus on themselves and their XP.

Morphling is slowly and slowly going back to TI2 morph.

NP, Necro, NStalker, Nyx, OM and Omni are simple. I can forsee Omni winning so much more now (Aura Stickness).

OD, QoP, PA, Riki, SD, SK, and Shaman are easy to understand. Scepter QoP is now a MUCH better first item.

Silencer, Skywrath, Slardar, Slark, and Sniper as well. Sniper’s range is now an amazing 950 when maxed. Sniper still cannot outrange towers with level 1 Aim.

Spirit Breaker, Storm, Sven, Tide and Timber are simple. Kraken Shell scaling is interesting, might be worth getting more levels now. Sven is VERY TANKY against physical damage now.


Added Aghanim’s Scepter: Doubles Laser cast range and Heat-Seeking missile count

That’s a 1100 laser range, and 4 missles. This just makes him an even more annoying counter pusher. I honestly think it just makes things more tedious and annoying, but whatever…..

Treant, Troll and Tusk are simple. Some really nice buffs all round though. Tusk is going to be so much better to play now.

The rest of the patch is fairly minimal for heroes. Familiars are now magic immune, Focus Fire doesn’t use all your mana, and Witch Doctor heal is actually really good now.

As far as items go, most of them are fairly minimal, with the attention seeking Iron Branch cost decrease means just fixes a couple of starting builds that were a few coins short.

Blink Dagger

Blink no longer has a manacost (was 75)

I honestly think this is the biggest change of the entire patch. I think this is a Major Buff to all strength heroes (also Ursa). A lot of strength heroes often struggled with mana when they got blink. Slardar is an example of a hero who just improved through the fucking roof. Centaur as well, especially since he ults more now. You may even see it being picked up on carries like Naix and Wraith, which, 2/3 years ago, happened more than it does now.

I wonder if more people will skip Arcane Boots for a straight blink now. Its more viable, but puts you in a different position. I think this will become especially more commonplace on underfarmed supports in pro-games (Some were already doing this before).

Observer Ward
Can be targeted on allies to transfer one charge

Works with sentries as well. I think the best way now is that you can send 1 ward to the offlane, and 1 ward to your mid/safe. It should result in supports not having to run around the map at the start of the game placing wards. They can just split them up to the designated lanes, and I’m all for anything that makes it better to be a support.

Shadow Amulet
Fade delay improved from 1.8 to 1.5
Can now be used on allies (to make them invis, goes on CD)

IF is trying so hard to get this item to work. It seems like such a bizarre thing though. But sure, can’t wait for videos of MLG plays with it.

Teleport Scrolls
Stacking delay decreased from 3/5/6/7/8 to 3/5/5.5/6/6.5
Max targeting range increased from 525 to 575′

How often do you have 5 teleports to one tower? The 3/4th changes slightly, but I’m skeptical the 5th one will happen very often.

Smoke and Necro also got some nerfs. Necro were well over-due, but all in all good changes for the items.

Bottle is just makes something people were already doing, easier to do.

Overall I’m happy with this patch, but disappointed with some lack of buffs. I think there are some heroes down the bottom of the pool that need more than what they received. I mean just look at how unhappy ember is!

I’m honestly going to call this the Patch of Slardar though. He’s a hero who has long been snubbed from the pro-scene, but with blink mana-cost, and increase to bash damage. He will be my favourite hero of the patch. Interesting to see how he goes in the pro-scene, but as far as pubs go, I think he’s now one of the best pub-stompers in the game. He’s been buffed patch after patch, and in 6.80, I won’t be surprised if his winrate ends up in the top 5. Wraith King, Lycan, Omni and Centaur will also be top tier for pubs.