List of Articles

Here is a list of Articles on Zota. If you like any article, please comment/contact or like on Facebook, knowing that people enjoy them or found them helpful is beneficial. The articles are sorted into yearly quarters, with the most recent articles at the top.

2015 Q1

How Player’s Lust for MMR Saps Enjoyment and Drops Diversity
5 weeks of Very High Ranked matchmaking during DAC, seeing how the hero pool changes for pubs.

Mythbusters: Is the Hero Pool Really Getting More Diverse?
A look at professional Dota picks over 3 years, to see if the pool is becoming more diverse.

Juggernaut’s Fury
Data on Juggernaut, and some general ideas as how to counter him, and why he’s so strong right now

2014 Q4

Dota in 2014
A summary of the year in Dota

6.83 Win Rate Changes
The changes in Pub Winrates 6.83 brought.

Playing With and Against Phantom Assassin
General tips for PA that some overlook.

BTS and DC Have The Best Parts of the $40 Million Dota 2 Ticket Industry Pie
Looking into how BTS and DC have pulled ahead in the Dota 2 tournament business.

Data on Server Size and Dota Demographics
Looking at how server stats, and where Dota players are distributed around the world.

6.82 Win Rate Changes
The changes in Pub Winrates 6.82 brought.

2014 Q3

Building Medusa Effectively
Breaking down Medusa and putting forth her Hero Concepts, and why you should be updating your builds

Hero Win Rate Differences Between Skill Brackets
Comparing the top 8% of pubbers with the rest of the pile.

3 Interesting Pub Trends
On Leshrac, Tusk, and Necrophos.

Hero Pick Rate Differences between Ranked and Unranked
Seeing how people change their play when MMR comes into the fore.

Dota in July 2014
What happened in Pubs/Pros for July.

What IceFrog Should Do Post TI4
Some thought provoking ideas for the future of Dota 2.

Winners and Losers of TI4
Who gained/loss ground from TI4

2014 Q2

Anti-Mage Win Rate Hits All Time Low
Another look into AM’s stats as he pubbers struggle to play him.

Batrider’s Mediocre Pub Winrate and You
A look into Batrider’s struggle with some fresh thinking.

June Pick Rate Shifts
Hero changes for June.

6.81b Win Rate Changes
The changes in Pub Winrates 6.81b brought.

6.81b Pick Rate Changes
With some analysis.

Bounty Hunter’s Massive New Bloom Shift
A look into how Battlefury impacts Gondar’s pub win rate.

May Pick Rate Shifts
Hero changes for May.

A Statistical Look at Anti-Mage’s Declining Win Rate
Looking into his itemization and his terrible pub win rate.

So I played Necro as a Support
Some fresh thinking on a hero pubbers apparently play wrong, but still manage a high win rate on.

Getting The Most Out Of Sandstorm
Looking incredibly in-depth the just the one skill.

Building Phantom Assassin Effectively
My most popular article brings some much needed hero logic and concept to the table.

2014 Q1

The History of Rubick
A entire history breakdown of the incredible hero.

The King Of Wraiths Has Arrived!
Thoughts on why Wraith King has the highest pub win rate (at the time)

LC is an Offlaners Wet Dream
A look at how LC impacted pubs in the weeks after she was added.

The Morphling: TI2 and Back Again 
Review of Morphling, and how he has changed since TI2

The Movers and (Earth)shakers of 6.79
The changes in Pub Winrates 6.79 brought.

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