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– Zie
– Australian
– Mainly aim to provide content in areas that I feel are lacking
– I play an ungodly amount of Dota 2, and am always aiming for constant improvement. Trying to get better each month.


– Contact via comments, or at zotadota@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About + Contact

  1. Dear Zie,
    I have read your article concerning the inconsistent scaling of mana cost in certain abilities.

    I’ll talk about thunderclap since Brew has been gaining popularity in the game.

    As you mentioned thunderclap scales as follows
    dmg: 100/175/250/300
    cost: 90/105/130/150
    MS slow: 25/35/45/55 [%]
    CD is constant 12 seconds

    On the other hand Brew has the base intelligence stats of
    INT: 14+1.25

    Given that, let’s say Brew will be at MID and hits lvl 5 around the 5:00 mark, and he has full mana.
    Enemy will have around 650-700 HP

    Brew will have base mana pool of 247 this is short of the 260 mana to do 2 claps.

    2 claps adds up to 375dmg leaving the enemy with about 300+ EHP
    Brew will deal 63-70dmg which will kill them in 5-6 hits this is completely feasible if Brew can connect both of the claps.

    Although I didnt take items into account, clap that cost 120mana will open up the possiblity of hazing the opponet enabling Brew to get a greater kill potential.

    I consider it as the same mechanics upgrades are used in starcraft. “I would upgrade this at such time because they will take fewer hits to kill them.”

    So I do think those weird scalings are necessary, even if it is a fickle to memorize it.

    Thank you for making this blog and keep up the good work.

    Do you think its mathematically possible to crack dota?

    Thank you and Best Regards,

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