6.83 Win Rate Changes

As I do every patch, I like to wait about a week before running the numbers on win rate changes for the patch. I feel like a few days are needed for things to stabilize, as the first days are often erratic. These extra days also allow me to spot trends, as sometimes it takes a while for players to adjust to changes; such as to the removal of Impale’s hero targeting a few patches ago.


Troll Warlord takes the top spot, although closely followed by Jugg. With Troll’s fast attack speed he’s impacted by the Maximum attack speed change to some extent. Although they were also changed, with the Fervor-fix being lovely, while Jugg’s increased base damage and a better critical strike early game massively increased his potency early game. Sniper’s change was also very strong, but I feel like it will take some getting used to as people adjust their builds to the new way. Previously people who maxed Shrapnel first had a better win rate. Everyone who didn’t have it maxed by level 7 or 8 had a better win rate getting stats over a late Shrapnel. I will run grab data next month to see how the changes to Shrapnel tie into skill build effectiveness. Bounty Hunter is not pictured, but is a few places lower with a 1.23% gain.

For placings, Juggernaut jumps up 17 places to have the 6th best pub win rate, right above a 7th place Crystal Maiden. Juggernaut has been a top 10 most played hero for a while now, and he has been consistently increasing in play rate this year, so I imagine him to be the next Tinker or PA. CM and Juggernaut have a very solid 64% win rate together. Abaddon also pops up to 2nd highest win rate, while Troll has 10th highest with 55%.



Ogre Magi is hardest hit, but it’s not as bad as you think since he still has a 52.7% win rate. Pro-Scene heroes like Death Prophet and Brewmaster dropped as expected, while Kunkka will take some adjusting to. His win rate is actually slightly dropping as the days go by; I imagine a lot of people don’t know what order to skill the hero anymore.Like with Sniper, I am watching Kunkka’s build to see how things changes.

Overall the losses seemed pretty mild, probably since there honestly weren’t that many nerfs to begin with. No hero has been put to dumpster tier, which can’t be to said to Alchemist a few patches ago. It’s nice to see IF taking more care with the nerfs this time round.

The Who Else

Some heroes that people expected to rise or fall did very little of the sort. Lone Druid had a massive change as his play rate shot up on Day 1, but afterwards it went back to normal and his win rate only dropped -0.15%. Which is basically nothing. Lifestealer had a similar treatment with -0.20%, and Faceless Void and Witch Doctor were both around a -0.90% change. Alchemist only increased 0.38%, and Slardar basically didn’t even move.

Diffusal Blade changes seem to have basically no impact on the game what so ever. People originally thought the Huskar and Ursa UAM removal would be crazy, but everything adjusted. I imagine in the future Caustic and Liquid Fire will be removed for simply being unnecessary, while Frost Arrows will be looked at as well.

Overall it was a rather mild patch, 6.82 was far more drastic. With gains as high as 7% and losses as big as -5% as can be viewed at the link below.

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