2 New Tricks with Bottle

I see a lot of trips and tricks posted, but I haven’t seen these two before.

Use a Bottle in Fountain on an Ally

It’s very common to use a bottle on yourself in Fountain so you regenerate faster. But I’ve never seen anyone bar me use it on an Ally to make them regenerate faster. It doesn’t increase regeneration that much, but it still something. It would probably also buy you some friendship points with the player, so they might be nicer to you.

Use a Bottle on an Ally after Teleportation

There’s the trick where if someone teleports from fountain next to you, you can give them your empty bottle and it will refill. This is a pretty common trick. The new one, is if you teleport in with a full bottle, you can use 1 charge on an ally and it will still refill back to 3 charges. You could probably do 2 people if you’re really fast, but I’ve never done this.

Well that’s it… Normally I write much longer pieces, but not today! For reference, 1 bottle charge gives 70 mana and 135 health.


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