Heroes To Get Tranquil Boots On

Tranquil Boots were changed in 6.79, and now they fill an entirely different role. This is a quick list of heroes who often quite like Tranquil Boots, with some ideas you may not have even thought about. Keep in mind that they still give you some nice parts when they’re broken, which is important. There are of course other heroes you could get them on, but this gives a quick rundown on general Tranquil Boot logic and strategy.

Tranquils will heal Brewmaster during his split. This is an interesting mechanic, and with Blink Dagger no longer costing mana, I feel they are a viable boot on Brewmaster now. You get 12 hp per second, so if you manage to split at the right time, you can get an nice amount of health out of it. It’s probably a bit gimmicky, but I would definitely consider getting Tranquils on Brew now, perhaps Boots + Bottle into Blink, before upgrading to Tranquils. Just an idea to consider, it has a couple of other nice things for Brew too.

Supports with Mana Abilities
Lion, Lich, Crystal Maiden and KotL come to mind. I feel like these are the obvious Tranquil heroes. Occasionally on Lich or Lion I will opt for Arcane Boots, just because my team really needs the mana, other people do it on Lion because they skip Mana Drain. It also has the added bonus of moving really fast, facilitating quick CC or roaming. Phenoix can also fit into this category, because he often doesn’t need to attack that much, has self-harming skills, and can regenerate through a successful Supernova.

Bane also drains mana through Fiend’s Grip, but will most likely put you in a precarious mana pool situation.

Other Supports?
I tend to find there’s a better pickup on other supports most the time, of course if you can make them work on any roaming type support, it works lovely. Just remember that often team-mates really want someone with Arcane boots (often you as well), especially if you have a number of carries or physical semi-carries on your team already (fairly likely in pubs). They can work though, I just played a game as Jakiro where I went a 0-4-4-1 build against a team I didn’t want to go late against (plus had blinkers). I got Tranquils and pushed a fair bit, and they worked well because I had minimal mana costs and felt my team would be fine without Arcanes. Added bonus was that it meant I could use my Urn changes more on my teammates, rather than myself. The regen was great for the roaming, even though I have an orb that breaks them. And yet the next game I ended up as 3-2-3-1 with Arcanes, but liked my boot choice in both games. I can see situations where Leshrac could get away with Tranquils too, even with him loving mana.

I feel like most people understand why anyway, so no point in explaining.

Axe and Centaur
I see this picked up a lot, but most of that is a relic from old Tranquils. They both have passives that proc when they get attacked + generally want to be attacked, and I think old Tranquils were fairly good, but the new ones are more questionable. They can work wonders, and I’ve been getting them sometimes on the two heroes, but not as much as I used to.

I love having heaps of mana on Zeus, but if you can find a way to not require Arcanes, then Tranquils work wonders on Zeus. You often don’t right click that much, not to mention the movespeed and armor is amazing on this 295 MS caster with crappy agility. They’re great, you just gotta address your mana with something else.


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