The Pub-Stompers for 6.80

Pubs and Pro games are hugely different, and the heroes with high winrates in pubs, have a big tendency not to be tier 1 picks in pro dota. This post is specifically looking into how the top heroes changed in the patch, and then my predictions for the 6.80 top heroes.

These are the highest win-rate of picks for the last month, aka, the heroes that are “Pub Stomping” over the last month.

As far as changes fo for these heroes:
– Abaddon and Lich, the top two heroes for the last month, were not touched.
– Overall 8/15 heroes were directly buffed: Wraith, Necro, Zeus, Warlock, Lycan, Omni, Centaur and Venge were buffed.
– Overall 4/15 heroes were not touched: Abaddon, Lich, Luna, Ursa
– Overall 3/15 were nerfed: Venomancer, Death Prophet and Crystal Maiden.

If you add item/gameplay changes, it still looks fairly similar. Ursa and Centaur get buffs with Blink, while Ursa probably gets nerfed with Rosh. That would be the major changes there.

Death Prophets changes were more of a re-balancing than a nerf. Although to be fair, some buffs in 6.80 were fairly minor.

Rise! Rise! Rise!

So you can start to see that the top Pub heroes in 6.80 will be fairly similar. However I think some heroes are going to go up a fair bit. Centaur, Omniknight and Slardar are three prime examples of heroes that are suddenly going to shoot up, probably to top 10. I’m calling it now. Centaur and Slardar got major buffs in this patch, and are set to be the in-your-face pub stompers of 6.80.

My Predictions

I’m going to go a step further, and predict the top 6 heroes for 6.80 for pubs. I believe that they are going to be Abaddon, Centaur Warrunner, Slardar, Omniknight, Lycan and Wraith King.
I did top 6 because I think these heroes are going to be the stand-outs for 6.80 pubs. The interesting thing is that they are all strength heroes, and their playstyle/roles are different too.

I’m also going to say a more general idea that most strength heroes will go up a fair bit, primarily due to the blink change. I also am (fingers crossed) hoping that AM will go up in winrate from 40% (second lowest) to maybe 43% or more.


2 thoughts on “The Pub-Stompers for 6.80

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