Idea: Making Events a Part of Your History

I think player profiles are rather bare-boned, especially for players who are more private about their match history. But what can Valve add to improve them?

I take you back over a Decade ago, to before Warcraft 3 even came out. To a game that surprisingly is still around, Neopets. Neopets had Events just like Dota now has with Wraith Knight and the upcoming New Bloom Festival. Neopets did something that I suggest that Dota 2 should do.

At the end of every Site Event, a Trophy was added to your user profile that showed how much you participated in the event.Image

If you didn’t participate in the event, you didn’t get a trophy, While the actual trophy changed depending on how much you participated in the event. This would make the event become a part of your history as a player.

If you clicked on the trophy, they would pop-up with a list of his contributions to the event. “Games played, highest level, etc etc’ Now, it doesn’t have to be simply a trophy. But the idea is to have something on the user profile that shows how much they participated in an event.

I mean, if we are going to have fancy events and fancy user profiles, why not add something similar to ‘Event Trophies’?


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