The Movers and (Earth)shakers of 6.79

6.79 is upon us, and thus we have access to some data on the winrate change of each hero. Even though the sample size is very very small, it can still gives us a fairly general view on how heroes are going so far. Keep in mind that winrates should change, as people adapt to new things.

Also, when talking about winrate changes, I am using raw numbers, not percents. So a change from 50% winrate to 40% winrate is listed as a -10% change, even though he’s technically winning 20% less than before.

I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff

Heroes with more than -2.5% change.

  • Spirit Breaker -8.73  (From 57.91% winrate, to 49.08%)
  • Nyx Assassin -7.40
  • Huskar -5.76
  • Io -3.50
  • Warlock -3.42
  • Lifestealer -2.72

Fairly predictable changes here. Although it’s somewhat surprising to me that Nyx got hit so hard, or more importantly, more than Huskar.

Turning A Prophet

Heroes with more than +2.5% change.

  • Death Prophet +5.35
  • Skeleton King +5.29
  • Venomancer +5.01
  • Lycanthrope +4.72
  • Shadow Shaman +4.23
  • Bristleback +4.02
  • Disruptor +3.86
  • Broodmother +3.29
  • Pugna +3.04
  • Slardar +2.93
  • Lich +2.57

Death Prophet by the way, not only got buffed in 6.79, but had a major bug with her ultimate fixed (in which 4 ghosts weren’t spawning when maxed). Broodmother still has a low winrate, but perhaps people are just bad at her since she was so shunned in the past. Might take pubbers a few months to better understand a previously very unpopular hero, but I honestly expect her winrate to rise more. Either way, she’s being played more than in 6.78c.

Pressing Buttons Is Hard

  • Jakiro -2.48

I found this rather odd. Interesting to see how this develops, perhaps people just aren’t used to it just yet.

Nice Try, Icefrog

  • Alchemist + 2.02
  • Meepo +1.91

Changes for these two were hard to predict, with most believing Meepo actually got nerfed via jungle, tranquils, and night.

That’s Not A Buff, That’s A Spoon

  • Bloodseeker +1.34
  • Axe +0.81

Both heroes got quite a bit changed, but really didn’t change as much as you might expect. Bloodseeker is zooming around the map, but not up the charts. The only problem with this data, is that both heroes got played substantially more in 6.79 than in 6.78c. They are currently the second, and fourth most popular heroes of 6.79. Perhaps this has an impact on the changes, not to mention the indirect nerfs to Axe.

How Low, Can You Go?

Batrider now has a 43.64% public winrate. The 6.79 nerfs lowered an already low pub winrate, even though he is #1 in the pro scene. Io now has a terrible 39.7% public winrate.


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